The father of the late 12-year-old boy, Sylvester Oromoni who died due to complications after being beaten by some students of Dowen College has reportedly revealed that some black substances were found in his stomach when an autopsy was carried out on his corpse.


According to, the embattled father while speaking in an interview streamed on Facebook disclosed that the Pathologist in Warri who discovered the black liquid in his son’s stomach could not identify what the liquid was and therefore the Police in Lagos needs to carry out a test on the black liquid to determine what it was.

Late Sylvester Oromoni’s father said, According to the person that conducted the autopsy, they found a black liquid in his stomach, but he said the test to know what it was will be carried out by the police in Lagos or Abuja.”

Speaking about the result of the autopsy, he added, We submitted a petition yesterday (Thursday) to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State. We reported to Area Command, Warri first before we submitted the petition in Lagos.

The police in Area Command (Warri) contacted the pathologist, they carried out the autopsy yesterday (Thursday) and the result will come out. We were made to understand that they discovered something in his [stomach].

The young boy, Sylvester was reportedly brutalized by his colleagues for refusing to join their cult. Oromoni died on 30 November after a week of ill-health, said to have arisen initially from an injury sustained on the football pitch.

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