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Big Boy tears Naira notes, sprays it for guests at a party (Video)



A big boy has been captured on tape mutilating the Nigeria’s currency in an affluent show of obvious disregard for the nation’s legal tender.

The young man tore some Naira notes which he had in his possession and sprayed it in the air for guests at a night party.

A video circulating on social media, shows him standing on a second floor balcony guests at the party were on the lower floor.

He tore tore each note into two and threw it down for the guests to scramble for the mutilated cash.

Watch the video HERE

It generated controversy because many people were opposed to his action.

_dbev; This irritated me so much

horspiroll; Broke people do the most when they eventually jam small money. This is madness

kwin_gigi; Nawa ..wat kind of thing is this ke

hon__ice; Not funny tho

omogealagbo1; Naira. Has suffered everywhere sha

sheddi_bankz; I hope when you’re arrested you have enough to bail yourself.