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Biden’s Handlers Risk Escalating Israel/Palestinian Conflict in Their Haste to Stick It to Trump



My latest in PJ Media:

“Senior administration officials,” their names carefully kept off the record, held a teleconference Monday to provide background for Biden’s handlers’ National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s upcoming trip to Israel and the Palestinian Authority. In doing so, they demonstrated yet again that they have no understanding of the real issues underlying the Israel/Palestinian conflict, and in their determination to reassert their tainted expertise and undo Trump-era advances, they risk plunging the region yet again into bloody conflict.

The administration officials spent a great deal of time emphasizing their friendly contact with Israeli officials, and even paid lip service to “building on the Abraham Accords,” claiming improbably that doing so “has been a central focus of ours.” However, their focus on restoring ties with the Palestinians “that were nearly severed when we entered office in January” betrays Biden’s handlers’ determination to restore failed Obama-era policies that only encouraged Palestinian terrorism, often at U.S. taxpayer expense. There was a great deal of focus on the “humanitarian situation” in Gaza, and “getting support into Gaza for the people of Gaza,” with no attention at all paid to the fact that any “humanitarian situation” there is entirely self-inflicted, as so much of Gaza’s resources are devoted to the jihad against Israel instead of caring for the people of the region.

The Obama-era assumption that the obstacles for peace were all on the Israeli side was very much in evidence. Asked if the administration is “planning on maybe stepping up the pressure [on Israel] even more than has been done before,” the “senior administration official” answered: “Well, I think we’ve been pretty consistent in emphasizing over the last 10, 11 months, you know, the need to avoid steps that can increase tensions on the ground, and that includes settlement activity. And we’ve been engaged with the Israeli government at senior levels on this issue, and, we think, in a fairly constructive and honest manner.”

There was no question, meanwhile, about putting any pressure on the Palestinians. Nothing was said about genocidal jihad indoctrination in Palestinian schools. Nothing was said about the frequent incitement to violence on Palestinian television. Nothing was said either about Palestinian efforts to undermine Israel in the global arena. The “senior administration officials” made no reference to the ongoing terror attacks and terror plotting against Israelis. They did, however, assure the assembled journalists that they have had “honest, constructive” discussions with the Bennett government about Israeli “settlements,” which are actually on land that belongs by right of international law to Israel only.

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