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Biden Tries to Get Us Into World War III Again, White House Walks Him Back



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Old Joe Biden got himself in trouble back in May for saying that the U.S. would send its woke, indoctrinated, woefully unprepared forces to defend Taiwan if China attacked. The White House had to “clarify” that Joe’s ravings didn’t represent a policy shift; the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, which doesn’t commit the U.S. to military action if China attacks, is still in force. But no one should expect the dementia patient who is pretending to be president to keep official U.S. policy straight, and so on Monday Joe said it again, and once again the White House wonks who are really in charge had to correct him. It was just another day in the circus at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but are we going to war with China or not? The answer to that won’t be fully clear until China actually invades.