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Biden, Harris rush to judgment, assume killings of Muslims in New Mexico are hate crimes



There actually is no telling what these killings are at this point. They could be anti-Muslim hate crimes, in which case it would be perfectly right and justified to say things on the order of “These hateful attacks have no place in America.” They could, however, be any number of other things. Until the killer is identified, it’s irresponsible of Biden and Harris to encourage victimhood resentment and posturing in this way. They are, of course, simply trying to ensure the continued support of one of their core constituencies.

“Killings sow fear and panic in Albuquerque’s Muslim community,” by Joanna Slater, Brittany Shammas and Bryan Pietsch, Washington Post, August 8, 2022:

The main mosque in Albuquerque has urged its members to avoid walking alone at night and make sure no one is following them home. Some Muslims in the city are closing their businesses early. Others say they won’t go out after dark.

In the past two weeks, three Muslim men have been shot and killed in Albuquerque in what authorities think were targeted attacks. The police have appealed to the public for help finding a vehicle linked to the crimes but have made no arrests, leaving the Muslim community feeling panicked and helpless.

Authorities suspect the three recent killings may be connected to an earlier unsolved homicide in November 2021. The victims in all four incidents were men of South Asian descent.

The police have not determined a motive for the killings. At least three of the shootings followed a pattern in which the victims were ambushed and killed, said Gilbert Gallegos, a spokesman for the Albuquerque police….