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Besotted Judge Calls Leftist Muslim Lawyer Who Firebombed Police Car A ‘Remarkable Person’



New in PJ Media:

As Kevin Downey Jr. reported on Friday, Merrick Garland’s intrepid Justice Department paused for a moment Friday from its valiant efforts to frame Donald Trump for a crime that would prevent him from becoming president again to show its compassionate side. It intervened in the sentencing of a Leftist lawyer who threw a Molotov cocktail into a police car during the George Floyd riots in New York City in 2020 to make sure that she got off with as light a sentence as possible. Merrick Garland, that paragon of impartial justice, can’t just sit there and allow a Leftist, someone who devoutly believes just as he does, to rot in prison for a little trifling firebomb, now can he? Of course he can’t. The judge at the sentencing hearing even unabashedly gushed over the defendant. And so once again we get to see how America’s two-tier justice system operates.

The Washington Free Beacon noted, also on Friday, that Urooj Rahman, who was photographed holding the Molotov cocktail that she would ultimately throw at Those Who Must Be Defunded, “was sentenced to just 15 months in prison on Friday after the Biden Justice Department intervened on her behalf, pressing the court to issue a sentence below the guidelines that called for 10 years.”

Fifteen months instead of ten years. That’s a sweetheart deal for Rahman if there ever was one, but Rahman herself was disappointed. She expected to get off with even less of a penalty, and complained that the sentence “wasn’t the result we wanted.” Her attorney, Peter Baldwin, echoed her statement, saying that he was “obviously disappointed with the result, but we are excited that Urooj can move on to the next phase of her life.”

Urooj Rahman had every reason to believe that she wouldn’t even get the fifteen months. The Free Beacon notes that she and “her accomplice, Colinford Mattis, leveraged their connections to top universities, white-shoe law firms, and the Obama administration, to win sympathy from liberal elites. They were the subjects of glowing profiles in national media during their prosecution, and struck a sweetheart deal with the Biden Justice Department, which, in a rare move, intervened to ask the court to go easy on them after the Trump administration had pressed for an aggressive prosecution.”

Even worse, U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan was clearly besotted with Rahman, telling her, according to the Associated Press: “You’re a remarkable person who did a terrible thing on one night.”

There is more. Read the rest here.


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