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#BBNaija: Moment Chizzy went on his knees to profess his love to Doyin (Watch video)



Big Brother Naija season 7 rider, Chizzy, on Wednesday continued his declaration of love for real housemate, Doyin.

He is a rider who will remain in the show until the last day but he will not compete for the grand prize with the finalists, however, none of the other housemates are aware of this fact.

Chizzy went on his knees for the second time on Wednesday night and professed his feelings to her but she did not take him seriously.

He had done the same thing the previous night without any success, so he decided to try again.

The businessman pleaded with her to accept his advances but because she thought he was joking, she began to playfully insult him.

He, however, said that the fact he was kneeling down should be proof enough to Doyin that he was serious about what he feels for her.

Chizzy is known as the resident jester, which is why Doyin went as far as saying that any girl who takes him serious whenever he professes his love to her, is the most stupid person in the world.

He told her that the idea of him kneeling down and begging a woman on national TV is the worst thing that can happen to any man.

Doyin, who was not buying his act, said he should allow her to go and sleep because she was tired.

In response, he decried how his mum must be ashamed of seeing her son kneeling down on TV for a woman and, he, again asked Doyin to accept his advances so that all he has done would not be in vain.

After a few minutes of kneeling down, he eventually got up and sat on the chair to continue the conversation.

He asked why she did not believe that he truly loves her despite the fact that he did something most men would never do in public.

She explained to Chizzy that it is because he plays too much, so it will be difficult believing anything he says.

Doyin further accused him of using her to generate content for the viewers and he casually laughed at her comment.

Watch the video below: