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BBNaija 7: “Everybody Dey Knack For This House” – Amaka And Phyna Laments Over Speedy Condom Shortage [VIDEO]



Phyna and Amaka, two BBNaija season 7 housemates, have complained bitterly about how quickly condoms are used up there.

The Level 2 roommates came to the conclusion that many housemates are participating in coitus, which is the cause of the condoms’ quick loss.

While yelling, Phyna wondered how a home with only 13 occupants could use condoms on a daily basis.

Phyna’s close friend Amaka agreed with her point of view.

Watch the video below;

Read some reactions from Nigerians below;

adesmart wrote; ‘Biggie just pack amebo and unreasonable people put inside this house Phyna my Ekpon sister no go kill me with laugh 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

toppsyy wrote; ‘These women😂 they remind me of all those women that gossips when there husbands goes to work😂😂 See as dem sit down like market women😂😂😂.. this combo na pure cruise!

Phyna and Bryann got into a very heated altercation just a short while ago.

The housemates were reportedly getting ready for their wager task when Phyna stated that she wasn’t in the mood for it and might even have eviction anxiety.

Bryan, however, would have none of it, claiming that everyone was required for the wager presentation and that it was a team effort.

After, a highly intense dispute erupted during which insults were hurled at one other.

On a towel, Phyna berated Bryann for labeling her input as foolish, which led the latter to slur the other people.

However, as the other housemates became involved in the debate, Amaka jumped into the fray to support Phyna.

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