Renowned cleric, Ahmad Gumi has disclosed that bandits are coming up with new strategies each day to escape the airstrikes hurled at them by the Nigerian Air Force.


According to Gumi, the bandits are getting wiser as they have learned the antics of the Nigerian Air Force.

Gumi disclosed that the bandits have managed to create escape routes from aerial bombardments to safeguard their lives. He advised the army to be up and doing and have their eyes and ears everywhere to get accurate and timely information to swoop on. the bandits.

The cleric made the disclosure in an article titled, “War has never been a solution anytime, anywhere”,

He said: “What you may not hear is that the bandits over the years have developed escape routes from aerial bombardments. They told us, ‘you can only kill our women and children with your attacks,”

“Just yesterday, two contingents of banditry victims came to me that their loved ones were abducted by bandits in Kaduna suburbs – Rigachukun and Keke.

“An escapee engineer in the later said when he overheard and understood that they were strangers in the area as they were calling the locals to lead them, that gave him the courage to slip through densely grown maize plantations to escape.

“The point is that, if Zamfara is on fire for them, it goes without saying that they will migrate to other areas. So, is the whole of Nigeria going to be under lock-up incommunicado?”

“As for those cynics that have no value to add in the dilemma except vituperation, and abuses, we know that is the substance they are made up of. No qualms whatsoever! you don’t expect fragrance from faeces.

“So, what is the solution? Good Intelligence! Good proficient policing, engagement of the local herdsmen in policing, rehabilitation, reconciliation, and reparation of all victims of banditry.