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Bahrain: Ancient Christian artifacts discovered under mosque



How did these artifacts get there? What happened to the Christians of the region that is now Bahrain? Why did this happen? Why will no one, no one at all, dare to talk about exactly what happened to them, and why? Find out in The History of Jihad.

“Old Christian relics discovered in Bahrain mosque,” MENAFN, November 21, 2022:

(MENAFN) On an island in Bahrain, archaeologists and historians are at work discovering relics that will show the story of Christian homes in the kingdom before the spread of Islam.

A group of Bahraini and British specialists prudently examine through sandy stretches between thick stone walls of what may have been a monastery or a bishop’s home referring back to the sixth and eighth century….

The team is digging an old Christian home founded under a 300-year-old mosque in a Muslim cemetery on Bahrain’s Muharraq island….

“It will be most exciting for the country to discover more concrete evidence of a Christian presence that dates back to the sixth and eighth centuries AD below a 300-year-old mosque,” Salman Almahari, manager of Antiquities and Museums of the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities in the archaeology and museums executive, updated The National in a meeting.