Comic actor AY Comedian has reminded those enjoying Detty December that school fees and rent await them in January hence they should be warned with the enjoyment.


AY Comedian decided to remind all those enjoying their savings and salary which is supposed to take them through to January that they should remember they have school fees and rent or something else doing after the Detty December they’re enjoying.

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According to AY Comedian, as you enjoy your Detty December, he wishes you all a clean January of responsibility because even if your small nyash dey shake, school fees and rent no dey gree shake every new year.

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Most people turn to forget that they have responsibilities to take care of after the festive season and spend almost all they have during the celebration and AY Comedian has decided to remind us all that we have responsibilities to take care of while enjoying.

No one is asking you not to enjoy yourself after working the whole year but all we saying is that while enjoying, remember you have responsibilities to take care of after the holidays and some require money so be careful with spending.

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