Amanda Chisom, had endorsed Prince Kpokogri as the ideal man for Tonto Dikeh in June this year and she explained the reason for her choice.

However, following the brouhaha on social media regarding the sexual escapades between the Delta State politician and Jane Mena, Amanda Chisom has issued a warning to ladies to keep off men who wear pensuwa trouser and susu shoe.

She expressed regret and disappointment over the fact that she taught Tonto Dikeh had found love and mistook him for a good man but rather a man with a loose mouth who has a deficiency in his character.

In her words:

“Avoid men that wear pensuwa trouser and susu shoe”

“This was me when I thought Tonto has found good love. Honestly na all of us collect for this one.

To think one silly girl assumed I should be ashamed of myself because of this post. Am I the third person in their relationship, how am I supposed to know he is an assh. I was genuinely happy for her and if she finds another love I will still be happy for her.

At least in all this, man has his own money. Just a loose mouth and character deficiency.”