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Austria: Muslim migrant murders Yazidi in pizzeria, says ‘He insulted my religion, he had to die’



Celebrate diversity!

“Before the pizzeria murder, Somali sought asylum in Austria,” translated from “Vor Pizzeria-Mord suchte Somalier noch in Österreich um Asyl an,” by René Rabeder, Exxpress, September 9, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

On August 19, the Somali Abi R. (22) attacked the Iraqi refugee Nayyef A. (32) for no apparent reason. He pursued his fleeing victim with a knife and ultimately killed the man in a pizzeria. Now the asylum seeker gives information about his motive: “He insulted my religion, he had to die,” said the allegedly radical Muslim.

The victim’s sister was also injured
Nayyef’s sister Nadhifa (47) watched her brother bleed to death. She also suffered cuts on her head. No big surprise: a psychiatric expert has already certified the perpetrator as suffering from schizophrenia.

After his act, the Somali allowed himself to be arrested without resistance
Somalis simply could not be integrated
Abdi R. came to Germany in 2016 as an unaccompanied minor refugee. From the beginning there were problems with him. The African was often aggressive and would not be integrated – social workers despaired. At some point he was completely gone. According to “Bild,” he jetted to Austria at the time, among other places, where he also applied for asylum.

The victim, an Iraqi Yazidi, fled Islamism to Germany – and became the victim of a suspected radical Islamist
Regular drug use
When he was back in Germany, his problems were even worse. Psychotic phases and short stays in psychiatry were the result. It is not known whether the Somali was taking medication for his illness. He is said to have attracted attention in his environment through regular marijuana consumption….