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Australia: International media coverage of ‘Islamophobia’ as Lebanese Christian shouts at Muslima, denounces Islam



This is a sad video of a man who is drunk or stoned or mentally ill or some combination of the three, berating and threatening a Muslim woman for unknown reasons; we don’t know what happened before this video began. There is no doubt that this guy is behaving abominably, but back when I lived in New York City, I’d see incidents of this kind practically every day on the subway, and they never made the national news, much less the international news. But this story was in the New York Post, picked up from Australia’s Why? Because it features a Muslim as victim, and even though she is only the victim of a tongue-lashing from a lout, the “Islamophobia” narrative needs shoring up. While Christians are routinely the victims of jihad massacres, and jihadis frequently brutalize Hindus as well, incidents of actual “Islamophobia” are so rare that the international media has to grab and run with a video of a guy getting loud on a train.

Meanwhile, note the headline, calling the lout an “anti-Muslim bigot,” implying that this is an incident of some white racist yahoo threatening an innocent brown Muslim. If you watch the video or read far down into the story, you’ll find that the shouting guy is actually an Arabic-speaking Lebanese Christian. There goes the “racism” narrative. Also, the Christians in Lebanon suffered tremendously from Muslim persecution during the Lebanese civil war of 1975-1990; it is entirely possible that this man has the trauma of that persecution in mind when he is shouting here. But the “journalists” involved in writing, publishing, and internationally distributing this story don’t bother to mention that. It would interfere with the “Islamophobia” narrative.

“Australian good Samaritan protects woman threatened by anti-Muslim bigot on train,”, August 26, 2022:

A tense video has captured a man exploding into an expletive-ridden rant and threatening to “smash” a female passenger on a packed train during rush hour.

Footage of the chilling confrontation on a Sydney train was shared to Reddit on Friday.

While much of what the man said was incoherent, some viewers were able to translate parts of his rant from Arabic.

The video begins with the man swearing and pointing at two female passengers, prompting a brave commuter to step in and tell him: “Don’t talk to her like that.”

He responded by saying, “I swear I’ll smash you,” which sparked a swift response from several men urging him to calm down….

“Get f–ked or I’ll smack your f–king neck,” the heated man told one of the women as she walked away.

The man who took a seat behind him calmly responded, saying, “No you’re not, you’re not going to smack anyone.”

The heated situation continued when the man began shouting “Police” across the carriage.

“F–k Islam. F–k your god. F–k your mosque. Get off my d–k. I’ll shoot you in the head. I’ll also shoot you in the head,” the man said, according to one viewer’s translation.

“He is speaking Arabic with a Lebanese accent. He’s not very coherent but appears he has something against Muslims. Obviously, he’s Christian, as he uses the word Rab which means God,” one person claimed in a comment….