Actress Ani Amatosero has dragged BBNaija star Wathoni for saying that your body is what helps you as an actress and that is why she isn’t considering that as a profession.


Wathoni in a question and answer session with a follower who was curious to know whether she will do acting as a profession said in this part of the world, it’s your body that helps you in that profession and that is what unfortunately puts her off.

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Actress Ani Amatosero replying to the claims of Wathoni dragged her asking whether she’s mad to say it’s your body that helps you as an actress asking her who slept with her before she was given a role in the movie she came to shoot.

According to her, the kind of pictures Wathoni shares on her Instagram page and the picture she’s painting about the movie industry has no difference, asking what impression she’s giving to young actresses or women who want to become actresses.

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Ani Amatosero then disgraced Wathoni by saying she wasn’t even able to carry her lines in the movie that she came to shoot and she just opened her mouth saying it’s your body that helps you as an actress threatening that she will beat her if it comes to that.

Wathoni might have her reasons for saying what she said and Ani Amatosero is also right as there are actresses who never sell their body for a role and make it legit with their talent hence we can’t rule out completely that any of them is wrong.

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