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Angry men beat crossdresser inside club after realising they’ve been rocking their fellow man (Video)



A Nigerian crossdresser has been assaulted by male club goers who did not realise early enough that he was a man.

In a video which surfaced online, men were seen dancing with the crossdresser who wore skirt and whined his waist on them like a lady.

Unfortunately for him, they later found out that it was a crossdresser they were dancing intimately with and it infuriated them.

They began to land thunderous slaps on him after removing the wig and fake breast pad he wore underneath his clothe.

Watch the video below:

Similarly, CorrectNG reported earlier that an Abuja-based crossdresser known as Area Mama has narrated how he was assaulted in Gwarinpa.

He said that he does ‘hookup’ and the assault incident happened during one of his outings in the nation’s capital

According to him, he was beaten by a group of men after having a squabble with a taxi driver who patronised his services.

In a video posted on social media, he showed off the blue-black eye he got from the physical assault.

Area Mama recounted being invited by a client to have a nice time and after the session he decided to go to Gwarinpa visit a friend to recently gave birth.

He then met a cab driver in Wuse 2 who offered to take him to his destination, but during the ride, the man started getting touchy with him.

The drag queen expressed displeasure with the cabman’s action and said that if he wants to get down to business, he would have to pay.

They bargained and eventually agreed on a particular amount for which he rendered the service inside the car. Unfortunately for him, when they were done with the hookup and he reached his destination, he asked for his payment but the customer started acting funny.

He behaved as if he wanted to withdraw money to give Area Mama only for him to return and offer him N500 to continue his journey.

Area Mama dragged him, created a scene and insisted on getting his money for services rendered but the cab driver soon called on other taxi drivers and the matter escalated but it was not in favour of area mama.