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American Airlines: Black Lives Matter Yes, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ No



My latest in PJ Media:

Dana Finley Morrison, a “Sorority & Fraternity Professional,” was flying American Airlines recently when she spotted the Mark of the Beast on a pilot’s luggage: a Let’s Go Brandon sticker. Morrison, of course, was enraged, as any decent person would be, and now American Airlines is in full apology mode. The airline made Black Lives Matter pins for crew members, but “Let’s Go Brandon”? Come on, man!

Morrison posted on Twitter (she has since made her account private) a picture of the forbidden sticker, asking American if the corporate behemoth was so hateful and cruel to tender Leftist sensibilities as to allow “cowardly rhetoric on their crew luggage when they’re in uniform. We are not the only passengers who noticed and were disgusted.” According to Fox News, Morrison “accused the pilot of displaying political propaganda supporting insurrection against the U.S. government.”

American Airlines officials were horrified, as all decent people would be, and responded: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we want to get this to the right team. Please DM any additional details.” Morrison “went on to post what she claimed were direct messages with representatives for the airline, who assured her that her complaints had been forwarded to the proper authorities for internal review.” American Airlines officials told Morrison: “We take this very seriously and have sent this over to crew leadership. They will handle this internally after review. We assure you appropriate internal review will occur.”

The fate of the poor pilot in question is not known, but he should take note of the signs of the times and update his resume. Meanwhile, American Airlines’ righteous horror over their “Let’s Go Brandon” pilot stands in stark contrast to the airline’s stance in 2020 on a related issue. The Dallas Morning News reported in September 2020 that “American Airlines is letting crew members wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ pins to show support for the social cause, but the move is reportedly getting pushback from some employees upset that there isn’t a similar option to back law enforcement.”

Not only did American allow the pins; they created them. The American Airlines Black Lives Matter pins followed “a commitment from CEO Doug Parker to reexamine the company’s diversity efforts and be more supportive of employees of color. Competitor Delta Air Lines released its own pins last week for crew members, prompting American’s employees to ask for something similar. Until then, crew members can wear other Black Lives Matter pins.”

There is more. Read the rest here.