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“Way to go Mare!!” replied international relations analyst JC Finley to a July 12 tweet from the leftist, Israel-hating Democratic National Committee veteran James Zogby about his daughter. While Zogby senior has long railed against “Islamophobia” and offered strident apologetics for the Palestinian jihad against Israel, Mare Zogby’s lesbianism raises intriguing questions about the compatibility of Islam and the Left.

Zogby wrote about his daughter meeting again Jesse Jackson, whose 1984 presidential campaign Zogby supported, at a July 11 White House ceremony where President Joe Biden signed a new gun control bill into law. A quick internet search confirmed suspicions raised by Mare’s “Butch Aesthetics” that she is, indeed, lesbian. As the Washington Post wrote about a January 18, 2017, protest in Washington, DC’s comfortable Chevy Chase suburb:

About 200 protesters shimmied and sashayed their way through the Chevy Chase neighborhood Wednesday night toward the house temporarily rented by Vice President-elect Mike Pence to protest what they consider his anti-gay views.

This “Queer Dance Party,” the Washington Post continued,

convened at the Friendship Heights Metro station around 6 p.m. and, blasting Beyoncé and other up-tempo tunes, danced its way to the house Pence has been renting until he moves into the Naval Observatory after the inauguration….Pence’s temporary neighbors in the liberal enclave of Chevy Chase have been flying hundreds of gay pride rainbow flags as a silent protest since he moved into the neighborhood in November.

“Cait and Mare Zogby, a married gay couple, brought their 6-week-old twins, Benjamin and Mary Eileen,” the Washington Post noted. They live in Washington, DC’s

Palisades neighborhood. The women said they couldn’t make it to the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday so they chose the dance protest. “I’m overwhelmingly proud of this neighborhood,” said Mare Zogby, who grew up in the neighborhood. “We’re here as parents of these babies.”

Cait Zogby, the children’s actual birthmother, has, for some unexplained reason, taken the family name of her lesbian partner. Perhaps this derives from Cait’s assessment that Mare is a “mom who is more masculine of center,” as indicated by Cait’s Facebook “marriage” photos. Nonetheless, this gender-bending woman confusingly urges

each mom who espouses support for families like mine to…use gender neutral language for everyone until they know differently. Use “parent,” “person,” and “kid,” instead of “mom,” “dad,” “boy,” and “girl.” Children want organized and neat schemas. But people don’t actually fit into organized and neat schemas. It’s much more difficult for kids to expand their thinking after the binary and traditional family structures as the norm have been established, even if it’s easier for them to do than adults. I come out at least once every day when correcting someone who asks about my husband or refers to my kids’ “dad.”

Cait certainly has an ally in the organizer of the Pence protest, Firas Nasr, who leads the Washingtonian activist group WERK for Peace. Founded after the June 12, 2016, massacre of 49 by a jihadist shooter at Orlando, Florida’s Pulse nightclub, “WERK for Peace brings the dance floor to the streets to protest egregious social injustices,” the group’s website proclaims. Werk for Peace has “protested around a number of intersectional issues, including the Muslim Ban, climate justice, healthcare, sexual violence and consent, and more, covering the streets with biodegradable confetti.”

“Our protests are like no other—hip-shaking, fist-pumping, ass-twerking, head-thumping dancing!” Werk for Peace rejoices. In the website’s “About” section, Werk for Peace adds:

From the door steps of Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump, Mitch McConnell, and others to the streets of every oppressed human, we occupy space and assert: We are here. We are queer. We are trans. And we will dance.

Like James and Mare Zogby, Nasr comes from an Arabic background, and a friend of his mother taught him belly dancing. “I grew up in an Arab household and dance has always been a huge part of my childhood,” he told the alumni magazine of Middlebury College, where he graduated in 2015. He has returned to the elite woke cocoon of Middlebury, where median family income of students is $244,300 and 76 percent come from America’s richest top quintile, to host Werk for Peace workshops.

Mare’s lesbianism gives a personal dimension to her father’s consistently pro-LGBT statements on Twitter, such as his celebration of 2021 Pride Day. In particular, he has a unique view of his Catholic faith. He pronounced with magisterial airs in 2022 that a Massachusetts “bishop can no longer call himself Christian after his display of intolerance and bigotry” when he disciplined a parochial school for flying a LGBT flag.

LGBT hollowing out of Catholic institutions and doctrines under Pope Francis meanwhile raises no objections from the elder Zogby. The “saintly octogenarian” Francis would “push my 2000 yr old church into the 22st century…with Christ-like grace,” Zogby praised on October 21, 2020. By contrast, he has little concern for anyone who would uphold the historic natural understanding of marriage as existing between a man and woman under the increasingly totalitarian new sexual world order. As he tweeted in on March 16, 2021, “when certain religious beliefs deny the full human rights & freedom of others, then I must object. Those kinds of beliefs aren’t religious & we must oppose them. Human rights come first.”

Missing in the Zogbys’ and Nasr’s LGBT concerns are the rights of children to their natural mother and father, who provide the best family environment for children. Many individuals have spoken of their difficulties and disappointments growing up in contrived homosexual households not of a child’s choosing. Such children are not the procreation flowing from the mutual love between a husband and wife, but rather most often a product using semen extracted in fertility clinics by distinctly un-Catholic, pornography-stimulated masturbation.

Many of the objectors to this brave new LGBT world are Muslim, as previously discussed at Jihad Watch, a significant complication in leftist attempts to create a united intersectional front  among disparate ideological groups. Perhaps this explains why Nasr and the Zogbys have shown little criticism for often deadly anti-LGBT Islamic doctrines in places such as Iran or James Zogby’s beloved “Palestine.” Nasr has apparently not yet found occasion to go twerking in front of Washington, DC’s Qatari embassy, for example, to protest anti-LGBT policies of this year’s World Cup host.

Such ethical controversies, foreign and domestic, belie the blissful images of Zogby family photos. As the Zogbys demonstrate, LGBT behaviors are hardly family friendly, whether at a sexualized Werk for Peace protest or a Drag Queen Story Hour. From LGBT agendas in America to “Palestine,” Zogby politics remain radical.