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Akuapem Poloo Converts To Islam? – What Could Be The Motive Behind That



Socialite Akuapem Poloo has joined the Muslim community after converting to Islam today, and we are wondering what the motive could be because it came as a surprise.

Just a few days ago, Akuapem Poloo made us understand that she’s no longer going to do advertisements for certain brands because her son has asked her to stop doing such ads, and then out of the blue, she converts to Islam.

Most people convert to Islam through marriage and others after accepting their beliefs and going through the necessary procedures required and we wonder which of them made Akuapem Poloo convert to Islam just unexpectedly.

Her Muslim fans are excited for her but some fans of her think this is just another joke because she usually jokes a lot even if the thing is serious but we wonder if Akuapem Poloo would joke about something as serious as converting to Islam.

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