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Afghanistan: Muslima says she was forced to marry Taliban official and raped every night



There is nothing improbable about that at all. She fled but was caught. Then “she claimed she was imprisoned and ordered to apologize to Khosty and kiss his feet.” Nothing improbable about that.

What is unbelievable is Khosty’s claim that he divorced her because she insulted the Qur’an. If she had insulted the Qur’an, she would likely have been killed.

“The daughter of a former Afghan general claims she was forced to marry a Taliban official and raped every night,” by Alia Shoaib, Business Insider, September 4, 2022

An Afghan woman has alleged that former Taliban spokesperson Qari Saeed Khosty forcibly married and repeatedly raped her.

In a video that has spread online, a tearful woman identified herself as Elaha and claimed that Khosty forcibly married her in January.

“He raped me every night. He tortured and beat me up every night,” she said. 

Elaha said she was a student at Kabul Medical University and the daughter of a former general who worked at the National Directorate of Security (NDS) in Kabul under the US-supported government.

In the video, which includes images appearing to show her injuries, she also claimed that Khosty filmed her rape and blackmailed her with it.

Elaha details once trying to escape before being caught by Taliban officials at the Torkham border crossing to Pakistan. She claimed she was imprisoned and ordered to apologize to Khosty and kiss his feet.

“After posting this video, maybe no one will see me again, I might be killed. But to die once is better than dying a thousand times,” Elaha said.

CBS News spoke to a friend of Elaha, who confirmed her story and said she is still desperate to flee the country.

Khosty, who was removed from his role as the Taliban’s Interior Ministry spokesman in March, took to Twitter to deny the allegations. He has claimed the marriage was consensual and says there were issues because her Muslim “faith is weak.” He had decided to divorce her because she insulted the Quran, he said

In his tweet, Khosty apologized to the Taliban for taking Elaha as his second wife, which was in violation of the group’s new ban on taking multiple wives last year….