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Adorable moment little boy congratulated his friend going for graduation in Ogun



A video which captured a young boy demonstrating what it means to be a genuine friend has surfaced on social media.

His pal was apparently graduating from kindergarten school in Ogun state and he congratulated the boy in a heartwarming way.

There were two kids rocking their graduation gown and supposedly heading to school in the video, when a boy spotted two of them and immediately approached his friend.

He gave the guy a big hug, shook his hand and they spoke for a few moments before the graduating pupil continued on his way with his classmate.

The clip melted the hearts of netizens who wished that the innocence of children did not have to die upon becoming adults.

Watch the video HERE

fredycj; Awww… kids are adorable. Pure love.

kaybugar; Graduation gown na your mate

joelilyofficial; Awwwwwnnnnn so beautiful to watch

domingo_loso; Celebrating others is a good thing. Yours is coming

discreet_lagos; This is beautiful to watch.