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Abusive husband lands in hospital after his wife’s brother led hoodlums to beat him up



A Nigerian man has reportedly been hospitalised after being brutalised by his wife’s brother and a group of thugs.

Twitter user @Waspapping_ shared the story on the microblogging site, noting that the parties involved are his friend and the sister.

According to him, the wife was assaulted by her husband on Tuesday night and when her brother heard what happened, he stormed the man’s house with hoodlums on Wednesday.

They allegedly beat him to a pulp and he landed in the hospital where his life hangs on a tiny thread.

The tweet reads; ”My friend sister was beaten mercilessly by her husband yesterday evening

Today my friend went to the house with some T/Wada hoodlums and beat the hell out of the husband. He’s lying helplessly in the hospital as I happily type this tweet.”

Meanwhile, a man recently took to social media to cry out for help after an incident made him discover that he is dating a Kung Fu artist.

The troubled boyfriend narrated how she did something that angered him and he slapped her twice.

However, he was unaware that she has been trained in martial arts because she has a calm and peaceful demeanor.

He explained that after he slapped her, he did not know when he landed on the floor as a result of a destabilising kick she gave him.

According to the man, he later found out that the girl he has been dating for six months is a black belt holder. He also revealed that she later apologised for beating him and he apologised to her as well.

But he no longer feels comfortable being in the relationship, and wishes to break up, however, he is scared on how to tell her that he wants to breakup.

Read his write-up: ”My girlfriend of 6 months did something wrong to me and I slapped her twice the next thing could remember was seeing myself on the floor, I don’t know how she did it with her leg.

I just got some information this week that she’s a black belt holder but she doesn’t look it because of how soft and calm she looks. Sir, she beat me oo but she later apologized for everything, and I to did the same. We’re cool now but I still look at her with that eye need advice on how to tell her we should break up.”