Actress Shan George has replied to those criticizing her post of not having single respect for people who don’t put their cameras and loudspeakers at home while helping the needy.


Shan George yesterday shook tables with her post of not having single respect for people who don’t keep their cameras and loudspeakers home while helping the needy knowing very well it will hurt some people and she got criticized for that.

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Reacting to the criticisms, Shan George hammered on her post again saying a truly charitable heart does not need motivation to do good from any human so there’s no need to capture yours to motivate others to do the same.

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According to her, if you need to see another person do good before you do good then you are just copy copy and busy body as it’s beginning to look like those who don’t move around with a camera and loudspeaker when doing good no dey do good.

It’s quite unfortunate that in the era in which we are now, everyone wants to be seen out there so the little things they do to help others are expected to be out there just to prove that they are also doing something when there are people doing more than they are doing or they’ve done.

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