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A Man Can Cheat On You And Still Love You With Every Breath of His Life – US-based Kenyan Preacher, Dr. K N Jacob



According to well-known Kenyan motivational speaker and preacher Dr. KN Jacob, a guy can cheat on a woman and yet love her with all of his heart.

The life coach revealed this on Sunday, August 7. According to him, love and intimacy are not interchangeable, thus a man can have intercourse with a woman while the love of his life has complete control over his heart.

“If he loves me, he wouldn’t cheat on me! WRONG. A man can cheat on you and he still loves you with every breath of his life. We can debate on this oxymoron until thy kingdom come,” he wrote. 

“From a woman’s perspective, you can’t love me and hurt me at the same time. If you love me, you don’t share love with other women. You shouldn’t even notice other beauties

“From a man’s perspective, love and sex are not synonymous. Sex is for pleasure, not necessarily love and intimacy. A man can sleep with a woman but his heart is totally locked by the love of his life

“Real men know what I’m saying is the truth. But of course, we have plastic men who’ll come here breathing fire to defend the feminine perspective to score points with their wife or girlfriend

“A man can be ‘committed’ but not disciplined. Another paradox. That a man had an affair doesn’t mean he wants to destroy his marriage. Discipline lets many guys down. Stolen waters often taste sweeter

“The solution to this old-age dilemma is being fully accountable to your wife. So long as you don’t want her to question your whereabouts, you’ll indulge in hanky-panky.”