The Christian community in Bauchi State has encouraged Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, the state governor, to abandon his presidential ambition and run for a second term in the state to finish the wonderful work he has begun.


Reverend Abraham Damina Dimeus, the community’s  chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), announced this on behalf of Christians  at the Government House in Bauchi, where Christian believers visited the governor to celebrate this year’s Christmas.

According to the CAN chairman, Christians in the state have not been persecuted and are being brought along in governance by the current administration.

Rev Dimeus said: “Though we are ready to go with you anywhere you go, for now, we still need you to remain here in Bauchi State to complete the good job you started.

“The Christian community has been enjoying your administration since you came on board. You have not shown any form of discrimination against the Christian community. You have carried us along in the affairs of governance,”

Governor Mohammed responded by thanking God for allowing everyone to witness another Christmas, calling it a “gift and mercy” from God.

Because he comes from a family with both Muslims and Christians, the governor claimed he had no alternative but to treat everyone in the state equally, regardless of their religion.

He went on to say that his administration was able to break down barriers of discrimination and select Christians to critical government posts.

He said: “I am not ashamed to associate with you because I am from a mixed religious background. In my family, we are both Muslims and Christians. I have no choice than to treat everyone in the state as the same.

“We have broken the barriers of segregation we met on ground. We have appointed Christians into sensitive areas of governance and I am glad to say that I have not been disappointed by the move. We have been able to allay the fears of those who were initially skeptical about it.”

“We as a government are going after those clerics who are preaching disunity among the people. We have arrested some of them and they will be punished as provided for in the relevant laws of the country.”